Smart Mobile and SMS two factor authentication: improve security


Mobile devices have turned into commodity appliances. Thanks to smart mobile and sms two factor authentication one can improve security. We use them daily to access mail and social networks and to stay tuned to anything that is happening in the world. With TrustFactor you can now also leverage your mobile device to improve security and user experience when carrying out sensitive transactions on the internet.

TrustFactor turns your mobile device into a strong authentication solution providing a combination of mechanisms like one time passwords and biometrics. On top of this it provides a convenient way of validating and digitally signing your transactions (like bank transfers) using an out-of-band mobile channel that deals effectively with all common attacks known today, without sacrificing user convenience.

Last, but not least, TrustFactor offers a unique approach towards protecting mobile applications as well (mobile two factor authentication or SMS two factor authentication).

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